Birchwood Healthcare Partners Announces New Investment into and partnership with Dolr

Columbus, Ohio- Birchwood Healthcare Partners today announced it has invested into Dolr and will be entering a partnership to promote Dolr throughout the senior care industry. Through this investment and partnership, Birchwood Healthcare Partners will also be joining the Dolr advisory board.

Isaac Dole, CEO of Birchwood Healthcare Partners, said “This investment represents the next step of Birchwood Healthcare Partners’s evolution to not only invest in our team members, but also the commitment we make to our investors in building significant operational outcomes. The partnership with Dolr represents our commitment to be the leader in senior care and help create a new standard for hiring and retaining the people caring for our seniors.”

Student loan debt has more than doubled since 2008, becoming the second largest source of household debt (second only to mortgages). As a result, 73% of millennials have delayed a major financial milestone like home buying, having children, and marriage.

Naveed Iqbal, CEO at Dolr, said “This investment and partnership is a strong indicator of the impact Dolr is making in the lives of people burdened with student loan debt. As the demand for senior care increases with demographic shifts so does the need to recruit and retain the people providing care. By working together we can make an impact on millions of lives: providing seniors the consistent and quality care they deserve while addressing the largest financial burden carried by their caregivers.”

Recent legislative updates allowing tax-free, employer-sponsored payments to employees’ student loans have many companies considering the new benefit as a way to recruit and retain talent.

Brenda Satterfield, CFO of Birchwood Healthcare Partners, said “The financial investment and partnership with Dolr represents our increased level of engagement and innovation within the senior living community. Student loan debt can be a significant burden in the lives of our team members and the caretakers of our senior living residents. We want to lead the industry in new approaches to help enable and support workers in senior care and this investment is just the beginning for Birchwood Healthcare Partners.”

Student loan repayment assistance is the most requested and desired benefit after health benefits and paid time off. Many benefits leaders believe this will be a key differentiator for companies in the senior care industry for top talent attraction and retention. The partnership between Birchwood Healthcare Partners and Dolr is expected to provide more engaged employees, less turnover, and reduced financial stress.

About Birchwood Healthcare Partners

Birchwood Healthcare Partners is a Chicago-based healthcare investment firm specializing in post-acute investments including senior housing, nursing, and ancillary businesses such as home health, hospice, nurse practitioner, and post-acute management companies. We offer a flexible investment approach, always striving to meet the needs of all stakeholders in a transaction. Through our network of operators and partners, we not only have the ability to acquire, but also the ability to lease and manage healthcare communities, or even asset manage them on behalf of third-party landlords/investors and work-outs on behalf of lenders. We have deep industry relationships, entrepreneurial structuring capability, and extensive capital available to facilitate the ideal transaction. Birchwood has built an experienced and cohesive team of investment professionals, advisors, operators, and investors to position the company for significant growth over the coming years.

About Dolr

Dolr is a Columbus, Ohio, based company focused on accelerating its members to $0 student debt. By surrounding people with the help they need to overcome their biggest financial burdens, Dolr helps employees navigate their loans and find new sources of extra cash for their monthly payments while offering a low-overhead, seamless, and integrated experience for employers. Dolr connects its members with cash for extra student loan repayment from where they work, the brands they shop at, and their communities.

Isaac Dole

Isaac Dole

CEO of Birchwood Healthcare Partners

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