Team Spotlight: Brenda Satterfield, Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Satterfield is an accomplished financial executive with a strong track record in the seniors healthcare industry who recently joined the Birchwood team as the Chief Financial Officer. With a wealth of experience, Brenda has successfully held prominent roles in various seniors healthcare organizations, displaying exceptional leadership and financial acumen.

While she had a background in finance and logistics, she entered senior housing unexpectedly. She was interviewing for a broad line food distribution company whose primary business line was seniors healthcare. The CEO wanted someone with a fresh perspective and chose her for a healthcare controller role. A year and a half later, she rapidly moved up to the CFO position where she remained for 16 years. Her time in a growth-oriented and entrepreneurial organization paved the way for her future position at Birchwood.

Brenda earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration and management. She has built a foundation of knowledge that contributes to her success. In addition to her professional achievements, Brenda is currently an Adjunct Professor of Finance at her alma mater, Walsh University, where she shares her insights and experiences with aspiring finance professionals.

Path to Birchwood:

Throughout Brenda’s career, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise in financial management, operational excellence, and strategic planning. “I chose Birchwood because I am motivated by the down-to-earth nature of the company’s collaborative environment. We engage in transparent and straightforward discussions focused on advancing our business to the next level,” and that is just one of the reasons she is excited to be a part of the team.

Contributing to Birchwood's Mission:

With a proven history of driving financial growth and access in the healthcare sector, Brenda continues to make significant contributions to the industry. Brenda sees her role of CFO as helping to fulfill one of Birchwood’s core values of taking ownership. “As CFO, I embrace the fiduciary responsibility this role brings by fostering a culture of continuous financial acuity, strategic improvements, and absolute accountability.” Brenda emphasizes the importance of integrating finance into the company for optimal functioning, highlighting her vital role in the overall operations of Birchwood.

About Birchwood Healthcare Partners

Birchwood Healthcare Partners is a seniors healthcare investment firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. Using their extensive industry experience, Birchwood creates value through a vertically integrated approach. Birchwood’s investment strategy includes active adult, senior housing, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, and other healthcare services.

Birchwood has launched a fund and recently held an initial closing – read more about this achievement here: Birchwood 5V+ Fund Initial Close Announcement. 

To learn more, please reach out to SVP of Investor Relations, Bill Brennan at [email protected] and visit our 5V+ Seniors Healthcare Fund website: Our second close is targeted for October 2023. 

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