Team Spotlight: Sean McNee, Senior Vice President and Director of Acquisitions

As we enter the new year, Birchwood Healthcare Partners is thrilled to shine a light on Sean McNee, Senior Vice President and Director of Acquisitions. Sean plays a pivotal role in driving Birchwood’s overall portfolio growth.

A Wealth of Experience

Sean has an impressive background and brings over two decades of experience to our firm, exclusively in the seniors housing industry. Since earning his B.B.A. in Real Estate and Finance from the University of San Diego, Sean has dedicated his career to the acquisition, disposition, financing, and management of seniors housing communities. He was a member of one of the nation’s first dedicated seniors housing brokerage teams and has an extensive understanding of the market through various economic cycles. His impressive track record speaks for itself, having been involved in transactions amounting to over $3 billion in seniors housing properties.

Leveraging the “Superfecta” of Seniors Healthcare Investments

Drawing from his extensive market analysis, Sean describes the current investment horizon as unprecedented. The impact of the Baby Boomer generation is currently driving increased demand in seniors housing, while supply is constrained due to the effects of the global pandemic. As property owners face challenges with capital reserves and refinancing in the wake of the pandemic, a unique opportunity arises for investors. Birchwood can leverage industry relationships to assist with loan workouts and acquire properties at values well below replacement cost. The 5V+ Seniors Healthcare Fund strategically targets opportunities that allow us to leverage: (1) the historically lower pricing available in today’s market, (2) operational inefficiencies, (3) favorable industry demographics, and (4) the anticipated cap rate compression over the forward five years. While any one of these factors will result in a lucrative investment, the combination of all four or “superfecta” results in outsized returns. These factors are discussed in depth in our white paper: From Opportunity to Outcome: The Superfecta of Seniors Healthcare Investments


Sean strives for professional success, while recognizing the importance of balance in his personal life to sustain a high level of productivity. He has a passion for travel, which was first ignited in college after travelling to 12 different countries while taking part in the “Semester at Sea” program. Since then, Sean has lived in Mexico and Australia, and has visited multiple countries on every continent except Antarctica. Sean is also an avid winter sports enthusiast. He and his girlfriend snowboard at various resorts all over the country as well as split-board in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada mountains in their free time. As a former member of the Mammoth Mountain Snowboard Team, Sean has competed in various snowboard events around the U.S. and continues to compete in Boardercross events. Sean and his girlfriend also enjoy backpacking trips, a daily yoga practice, and surfing at the local break near their home in San Diego.

Advice for Someone Entering the Seniors Housing Industry

Sean firmly believes that it is imperative to have a strong understanding of both the economics of the industry and the care component that operators provide at the community level. For someone that is starting out in the industry, he encourages touring properties and seeking out opportunities to volunteer at them. He says that “it’s easy to look at the numbers and forget this is a care-based industry with employees doing thankless jobs and residents that need special attention.” Engaging in an attainable hands-on experience offers valuable context for comprehending the complex management aspects of the business. You’re able to see firsthand how the physical layout impacts efficiency and how pivotal local staffing is in a facility’s success. Developing an understanding of the operational side of the industry will set you apart from others in the field.

Birchwood Healthcare Partners and recent closings

Birchwood Healthcare Partners is a premier seniors healthcare investment firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. Birchwood creates value through a vertically integrated approach. Birchwood’s investment strategy includes targeting low-lift, light value-add seniors housing, transitional and long-term care, active adult, home health, hospice, and other healthcare services.

Sean recently facilitated the closing of two such investments, expanding Birchwood’s portfolio in the Midwest for the 5V+ Seniors Healthcare Fund. You can read more about these closings here: Birchwood Healthcare Partners Expands Portfolio with Two Strategic Midwest Investments To 5V+ Seniors Healthcare Fund.

For investor inquiries, please contact Bill Brennan (SVP of Investor Relations) – [email protected] and visit our 5V+ Seniors Healthcare Fund website: Our second close is targeted for March 15th, 2024.

For acquisition and development opportunities, please contact Sean McNee (SVP & Director of Acquisitions) – [email protected]

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